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A role is a set of permissions that defines a specific level of access to resources within a single namespace. It consists of rules that specify which API operations can be performed on specific resource types. Roles are scoped to a specific Kubernetes namespace.

Roles are only definitions of permissions. A role does not take effect unless assigned to principal via a RoleBinding.


Allows escalating the current or other users' permissions by binding a Role to them. Also requires the `container.roleBindings.create` or `container.roleBindings.update` permission.



This privilege may grant access to sensitive data from a significant fraction of organizational functions, allow interruption of critical organizational services, or its exploit could lead to significant privilege escalation.


  • https:​/​/​kubernetes.​io/​docs/​reference/​access-​authn-​authz/​rbac/​#​restrictions-​on-​role-​binding-​creation-​or-​update
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